ODS Scan Cure – This product has been recognized for its functionality and non-toxicity for oral use by the KFDA, and the application method of the product is a brush type. The brush type has no risk of nano-dust, eliminating risk factors for health and safety of patients as well as medical personnels.

In May 2021, Scan Cure, a surface recognition enhancer for oral use (aka ‘scanning enhancer’) developed and produced by ODS, was certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) as the only oral surface recognition enhancer in Korea.

In dentistry, scanning enhancer is a material that helps the data to be scanned clearly and quickly without errors by applying it to the surface of the area to be scanned during intraoral scanning. However, there were no oral products so far, so there were questions about its safety.

This KFDA certification means that it is the only product in Korea recognized by KFDA that completely resolves these questions. ODS’s Scan Cure is the product released through 6 years of research, development, and experimentation from 2016 to early 2021, and its stability and excellence are recognized as patents in Korea and
USA, as well as the theses from Seoul National University College of Dentistry and Seoul National University Hospital.

In particular, (1.) it is not applied in agglomeration, which has been pointed out as a disadvantage of the existing spray type, and (2.) is applied evenly and precisely with a uniform thickness, (3.) can be applied in a minimum amount without excessive use, and (4.) is a liquid brush (applying) type of no nano-dust. And that is a product with excellent function and safety in that it does not generate any nano-dust.

Nanoparticle dust is known to penetrate cells and cause genetic mutation, induce tissue cell suicide, or cause cancer, and is known to have a fatal effect on the health of patients as well as medical personnels.(Kookmin Ilbo 2005. 11. 4. ‘The Two Faces of Nano’)

In the past, there were no oral-only products in dentistry, so spray-type scanning enhancers used for models that must not be used in the mouth, were mainly used as those substitutes. People are expected to be benefited a lot with the advent of Scan Cure of which excellent performance and safety have been proven, and the scanning speed through accurate scanning has been improved.