ODS Cure Box is for post-curing after 3D printing.
This product has a compact and stylish design.
In order to realize the optimal characteristics of each material,
The Product uses to harden the photo-curable resin product
with light and heat within a short time,
and properties such as strength and shade.

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Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 280 × 283 × 291 cm
Lot No.



World Best UV Curing Machine

ODS CureBox is
ODS Cure Box is a High-tech UV Curing Machine launched by ODS and is the best work of medical LED optical technology. It can be used to harden all 3D printer resin outputs commonly used in dental clinics, dental hospital and laboratories. Irradiation time and intensity can be easily adjusted, it is durable, and has an optimal thermosetting function. In particular, it can be used in a wide range because it is stable and perfectly curing even when the type of resin is different as well as our resin material.

Product Specification

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Product Appearance

Product Features

at least 1 minute
The world’s best fast curing time
(It may vary depending on the resin.)

Ø150 x 110 mm

Domestic parts such as LG LED
Excellent stability, reproducibility and durability

LED light intensity controlable(1~20 steps)
Linear increase in light intensity step by step (12~15 steps recommended)
Implementation of optimal thermosetting maintenance function

Compliance with
international standard guidelines

User-friendly UI
Automatic 360˚ turntable, touch screen

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