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SG(Surgical Guide)

Resin material used to create devices
used to guide the path, location, and surgical site
of implants or instruments using 3D printers

KFDA Certification, FDA, CE Notification

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 130 × 125 × 130 cm

About 142ea(Based on 1 kg)
Half Arch Case About 6-7g


SG(Surgical Guide) – Resin for Dental Implant Guide


  • Packaging Unit : Bottle(250g) / Box(1kg)
  • Shipment Unit : 1kg (4 bottles), 2kg (8 bottles), 4kg (16 bottles), 10kg (40 bottles)
  • Bottle Size : ø 63 x 120 mm
  • Box Size : 133 x 133 x 130 mm


  1. 3D printer for dentistry only
  2. Excellent mechanical properties
  3. Fast curing time
  4. Excellent hardness enables implant placement without metal sleeve (Sleeveless)
  5. Convenience and cost savings
  6. It is odorless, so it can be used in any space
  7. Real-time confirmation of the treated area with excellent transparency
    (transparent when fully cured)
  8. Sophisticated and varied guide shapes (circle, hexagonal, etc.) and stability
  9. There is no risk of infection during surgery as it can be autoclaved

Output Conditions in 3D Printer

  • Light Source : UV LED
  • Wavelength : 405 nm
  • Layer Thickness : 100 ㎛
  • Resin Curing Energy When Printing : 14~18mJ/㎠

Curing Conditions in Curing Machine(Cure-Box)

  • Light Source : UV LED
  • Wavelength : 395~405 nm
  • Full Curing Energy After Printing : 243,600~487,200mJ/㎠ (7~14min in Cure-Box) (Curing twice for 7 minutes each for LED lifespan)




Futuristic Low-Viscosity Dental Material – ODS Resin

Advantages of ODS Dental Materials

  • Low viscosity (1/10 to 1/14 level of viscosity compared to other resins)
  • For dental 3D printer only (Both LCD and DLP methods are available)
  • Realization of natural tooth color (Shade)
  • Holds most of domestic and foreign certificates (KFDA, FDA, CE, ISO, GMP)
  • Able to implement of sophisticated shapes (hexa structure, etc.)
  • Odorless (no odor), no skin trouble
  • Excellent mechanical properties (strength + elasticity) – Able to replace natural teeth of “Permanent” Resins
  • Abundant clinical completion (For example, the world’s first clinical success for Modelless Direct Clear Aligner)
  • High temperature sterilization (autogravable) possible at 135˚C (high heat resistance at 200˚C)
  • No uncured extracts in the oral cavity (Fully cured or not can be identified)

Comparison of low/high-viscosity materials

The 4 Core Technologies of ODS Resin

The development concept of ODS resin was first thoroughly started from the user’s point of view, and the core required properties were derived in consideration of the inconvenience of clinical reality and the user’s convenience. The 4 core technologies have been established from these core required properties, which are highly praised from all over the world. Currently, the 4 core technologies of ODS are applied to all resin product lines and are being produced.

Clinical Applications of ODS resins

ODS resins, world-class products have already been released in each dental field, including permanent, denture and surgical guide, especially Modelless Direct Clear Aligner, which is a recent issue, and clinical appliances are actively in progress.

The goal of ODS dental material is the resin
that can completely replace natural teeth

Comparison between natural teeth and ODS resin

1) Compressive strength comparison / Permanent (Single Crown)

ODS Permanent resin is developed with the goal of completely replacing natural teeth and is implementing it. (strength 1.5 times, hardness 90%, Fracture Elongation Rate of 14.66% and elasticity higher than natural teeth)

** ODS Permanent Resin : Single Crown with occlusal thickness of 2mm

2) Hardness comparison / Permanent (Single Crown)

Consideration for users – Small packaging(250g)

The 1kg of ODS Resin are packaged in small-capacity (250g) containers and opened by 250g each. Since the small-capacity packaging is not long in the consumption period and is convenient, ODS resins have a low risk of natural curing and is easy to use.

The total capacity (1kg) is exposed to UV rays in its natural state, and the risk of natural hardening such as chemical reaction and deformation is high, so the possibility of change of physical properties is high.

Even if it takes a lot of time and cost of injection and packaging, all products of ODS resin use a small amount(250g) of UV-blocking container for user convenience, so these have almost no possibility of physical property change.

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