‘O’ Color
CMYK : C52   M2   Y5   K0
RGB : R120 G201 B234

Text Color
CMYK : C0   M0   Y0   K100
RGB : R35 G25 B22

‘O’ne : It means ’round world’, ‘earth’, ‘global’.
Jjokbit : (Sky Blue or Indigo), the traditional color of Korea, represents Korean Material Technology.

The Jjokbit (the traditional color of Korea)’ embodies the image leading the global digital field through challenges
and innovation with Korea’s human resources, technology, and capital.

The traditional color representing Republic of Korea – Jjokbit(Sky Blue or Indigo),
Jjokbit is the color of blue that resembles the sky. Jjokbit can be obtained by dyeing it with a natural dye extracted from a plant called Jjok.
The method of dyeing Jjokbit has been with our people for nearly 2,000 years since the Baekje(An ancient country in Korean history) period.
From very light sky blue to deep dark blue, the degree of blue varies greatly depending on the number of times of dyeing.
This color, Jjokbit, created with endless efforts and devotions, is the dream color of Korea that becomes the clear blue sky
that surrounds us, the deep and calm sea, and the cool and gentle wind.

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