ODS has been completing Digital Dentistry.

In the meantime, the dental industry has quickly entered the Digital Dentistry era. Digital workflow is being formed as the devices are connected to each other. Digital Dentistry means that the patient’s oral-related information is to be made as digital data and to be applied to the optimized treatment.

ODS innovative products are opening new chapters in every field of dentistry, including oral data collection and prosthesis, clear aligner, and implant, etc..

First, in the prosthetic field, the disadvantages of the milling machine and the error of the manual operation are minimized. When we output the data accurately designed by CAD with the 3D printer, we can get the precision outputs that are not allowed to be even the smallest error.

In the field of implant procedures, we can look for the optimal surgical path by a computer simulation, and output a very accurate surgery guide with 3D printer and ODS materials. A dentist puts the surgical guide into the procedure site and proceeds accurate implant surgerys. ODS Permanent will be used as the main material for implant upper prosthesis.

In the field of orthodontic, a dentist will pre-establish a treatment plan and output the clear aligner to suit it with a 3D printer and ODS materials. Like this, 3D printing system will help the treatment more convenient and accurate.(We call this systerm as DCA, Direct Clear Aligner)

As the emergence of ODS dental materials, finally, digital dentistry began to be completed. And a way was opened for more and more precise outputs that fit the needs of the times and customers.

The advantage of these ODS innovative products is expected to quickly replace the existing market due to its convenience, accuracy, and efficiency.
In the end, ODS will achieve the completion of a dental digital workflow.

ODS Dental Materials and Equipment will complete the goals of digital dentistry, which everyone wants.


The 4 Core Technology of ODS

First of all, the development concept of ODS resin was thoroughly started from the user’s point of view, and the core required properties were derived in consideration of the inconvenience of clinical reality and user convenience. The 4 core technologies have been established from these core required properties, which are highly praised from all over the world. Currently, the 4 core technologies of ODS are applied to all resin product lines.

  • Low Viscosity Technology
    Fast and easy to use because there is no layer separation, No material loss, Easy cleaning, and Implement of designed strength
    High production rate (up to 40% increase), Increased durability of 3D printing equipment
  • High Temperature Resistance Technology & Non-Toxic/Odorless
    Autoclavable sterilization by maintaining shape stability up to 200℃
  • Indication Technology(Complete curing identification)
    Normal shade expression only when fully cured
    Eliminates the risk of incomplete curing exudates in the oral cavity and realizes the intended physical properties
  • Replacement Technology
    Possesses physical properties that completely replace natural teeth
    (Compressive strength 1.5 times compared to natural teeth, hardness 90%, Higher elasticity of outputs more than that of natural teeth)

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